Why Restaurant Foods Taste Better

Making your favorite restaurant recipe at home may not turn out as you had planned. If your attempt at a divine dish looks like you used an easy bake oven…. you are not alone. It is frustrating to rinse and repeat the same recipes in hopes to get it right when in actuality, it is just not the same.  Before you contemplate if your local chef is in fact a wizard, there are a few factors to keep in mind.

It is logical to assume that your chicken and the magicians chicken should be the same. The fact is they are not the same. If you step into a culinary kitchen, you will see a vast amount of differences from it and your cooking arena at home. Aside from the gleaming display of stainless steel, there is also a generous lot of professional cooking wares. Some may feel all spatulas are created equal, however the sharp detailed edges of the pros state otherwise.

Highlighting the Differences

The pans we use in everyday cooking are in contrast to the ones utilized in restaurants. The grade of the pans are extensive enough to support higher heats and usage. Ovens, range tops and grills are set up with a pristine collection of industrial strengths. In comparison to our Kenmores, they can achieve a quicker more even method of cooking. Utensils are lavishly coated with elegant advantages that make whipping up a chefs specialty look easy.

Restaurant kitchens have ample surfaces with a convenient twist. It is not often you will see a professional cook or chef leave their station. They have all of the amenities they need within hands reach. At home, we find ourselves gathering our accessories as we go. Different drawers, cabinets and let’s face it… the dishwasher comes into play through the process too. This breaks up the synchronistic order of cooking events.

The Ingredients

Restaurants order from vendors and are able to get specialized pricing on lean meats and premium products. The average household shops at their local grocer leading to a lesser quality of goods. There will be variations in the tenderness and thickness of meats and the freshness of produce. This will greatly impact the outcome of the dish.

From seasonings and salads to featured entrees, the finest of recipe components are called upon. Chefs and culinary teams have been thoroughly trained in the arts of cooking. They are able to access their knowledge of ingredients and experience with the right tools of the cooking trade. The meals you have in their dining room were prepared by a host of talents and precise skill.

Hope Restored

With this information, you can understand why your own dishes at home are not identical to what you find in restaurants. This does not mean all hope is lost. You can obtain the essentials that can make a difference in the recipe, or proudly serve your own rendition. Cooking is not meant for perfection. It is an expression of your personal talents and flavorful style.