Top Vegan Eateries Worldwide


Location: Berlin, Germany

AtayaCaffe is a somewhat unassuming café tucked away in one of Berlins side streets that is considered to be one of the best vegan eateries going. Its food is influenced by Sardinian and Senegalese influences with meals such as traditional Sardinian pasta, ravioli and spaghetti, curry Dakar, Hummus platters, smoothies, vegan caked and even waffles. The place has a vibrant décor that’s both colourful and cosy and better yet its both child and dog friendly. For those that are more environmentally conscious you’ll be happy to known that Atayacaffe is also waste and plastic free as well.

Grassroots Health

Location: Edinburgh Scotland

A small café and shop in the capitol of Scotland, Grassroots Health has become much loved by its local vegan community for its excellent selection of food, drink and even vegan products. The menu changes on a weekly basis and all food is local, fresh and of course completely plant based. Same goes for there drinks in which they have a wide variety of juices, coffee’s and tea’s, each made with care. What’s great about Grassroots Health is that they also cater for raw vegans too, offering a different raw dish each week that certainly won’t disappoint.


Location: Kyoto, Japan

Often when travelling it can be very hard as a vegan to find food that caters for you, especially when there is a language barrier. If you’re heading to Kyoto in Japan however head over to Arashiya-kan and you certainly will not be disappointed. This authentic Japanese cuisine is completely vegan, with things like udon, tempura, soups and even bento platters on offer you’ll surely find something to your tastes. If the language barrier is a concern fear not, there are English menus here and the owner even speaks some English too. The restaurant has been in the same family for generations with some recipes remaining the same for over a hundred years, this one is certainly an amazing experience.

Wild Food

Location: Granada, Spain

Wild food is a vegan restaurant in Granada that draws inspiration from all over the world, it focuses primarily on market cuisine using plant-based produce and local produce whenever possible. Again, the menu here changes weekly and you’ll find all sorts of treats, from breakfast meals like avocado on toast and acai bowls to dinners like pizza’s and stews. There’s a great range of desserts here too, something that can often be hard to come by as a vegan eating out. Why not give their vegan donuts or New York style cheesecake a try?


Location: Asheville, North Carolina

If you’re in North Carolina and you’re looking for some fine dining, vegan style, then look no further than Plant. Plant uses mainly organic, local and gluten free ingredients to create inventive dishes that you’ll only find here with flavours that will stick with you for life. For those missing the loss of cheese from their diets Plant has a range of their own plant-based cheeses like nothing you’ve ever tried before. They serve a range of alcoholic drinks here too, all of which are also vegan friendly so you can really enjoy your evening.