Three Celebrity Restaurants You’ll Want to Visit

Gathering a following in the food business is essential to the success of a venue. Statistics show a chain or franchise gain a customer base quicker than independently owned dining rooms. When a consumer is familiar and comfortable with a brand, they know what to expect and rely on the consistency associated with the name. It is for this reason Celebrities open Restaurants. As an investment, when a household name opens a business it becomes vastly publicized. The invitation writes itself and guests will flock to the grand opening. Similar to a franchise, Celebrity owned restaurants hold a name people can relate to.

There are three types of Celebrities who open restaurants. The Chef, the entrepreneur and someone who has a passion for the craft are all contenders for the industry. Celebrities may fall into one or all categories when they make their decision to own their own restaurant. Their journey to fame has included a flair for the arts and a repertoire of creativity. Cross utilizing their skill sets is not only smart it has proven to be a savory decision.

Walton’s Fancy and Staple

Sandra Bullock shines an essence of brilliance in all she does. The savvy actress and Producer co-owns Waltons Fancy and Staple. In an antiquated building, the treasure of the town of Austen has a newly purposed jewel. Fine fares range from comfort to elite with an expansive menu of noshes, entrees and desserts. You will be charmed with delightful eats, drinks and a Shoppe that offers fresh flowers and charming gifts.

JBJ Soul Kitchen

Jon Bon Jovi is a name known across multiple platforms and generations. The famous musician is known as the “Rocker with a heart of gold”. JBJ and his Wife Dorothea have become an inspiration in New Jersey. In house Chefs create delectable dishes with fresh ingredients and a farm to table ideal. Guests have a pay it forward option to assist members of the community to enjoy an entrée at the soul Kitchen. Volunteers can work for a meal or use the gifted option from prior customers. The restaurant brings together the heart and soul of their neighborhoods.

Tribeca Grill

A long standing New York tradition is co-owned by Robert De Niro. As an Actor, Producer and Director, De Niro has brought his own classic trend in the restaurant industry. Tribeca Grill holds an extensive selection of wine, appetizers and elite entrees. The elegant menu is diverse and fitting for New York natives and guests. Expert preparation offers a classic appeal that has earned several awards for their elegant attention to details.

These famed spots are trendy and timeless. Celebrities have walked in the lime light while working long hours that require immense dedication. When their commitment is brought to the kitchen, the results are ingeniously creative and sure to be a hit. So if you are feeling adventurous or simply curious, take time to venture into one of these locations.