The Real Reasons Trays are Used in Restaurants

Serving in a restaurant is an art form that requires multiple talents and an impeccable sense of balance. At any given time you will see a server appearing to defy gravity as they weave through the crowds. Each establishment trains their servers to prioritize guest service while upholding the company’s policies and procedures. Tray Service has become prominent in the food and beverage industry. You will notice Trays are becoming more prevalent as a general rule versus a suggestion.

The style of service received will largely depend on the restaurants motif and surrounding. There is a standard of regulations that each Server must follow. This includes the protocol when it comes to the usage of Trays. There are a few venues that give the Servers freedom of choice based on their comfortability, whereas others enforce a strict set of guidelines.

Using Trays

There are a few reasons trays are a useful tool to have in a restaurant. As a carry all of convenience, they also coincide with health regulations. Prior to the common usage of trays, Servers would have to rely on their hands and arms to supply their tables. Servers are busy during peak hours which increases the amount needed to carry. From beverages to dining accessories, finding a way to transport all of the necessities can become problematic without a tray.

It became a practice to use pockets and hold items against their shirts for leverage allowing Servers to carry more at once. This was proven effective in reducing the amounts of back and forth trips from the kitchen to the table. Efficiency is the key to success in the hospitality business. After an evaluation of health and safety factors, it was decided a change needed to take place.

Tray Safety

Gaining the proper tray technique took time and practice. Many of the items such as bottles and glasses were top heavy and difficult to balance. Once they took effect, it became a staple in the restaurant day. Today, we have several sizes and styles of trays. Each has their own capability and designated use. Tray Service became a signature in higher end restaurants. Fine dining is known for their upscale presentation and surroundings. Trays symbolize the refined aspects with an appearance of organization and subtlety.

Hand Service is still as popular as ever across the restaurant board. In effort to comply with health codes, Servers and business owners have made adaptions to the process. Plates and glasses must be held away from the body. Cups have to be held at the bottom versus the rims and most straws are kept enclosed until the guest opens them. The science behind the method is to eliminate transference of bacteria from the Server and environment to the guest.

There is a restaurant motto that states “full hands in and full hands out”. Carrying trays make it much simpler to stay efficient while accommodating each order. From initial beverages to bussing table tops, Trays have quickly become an official assistant for Servers and waitstaff.