Tech Trends in Restaurants

Before Restaurants became commonplace, they were small town kitchens with homemade goods and eats. As the whisk turned and opportunities grew, dining spaces grew in popularity. Franchises, corporations and independently owned restaurants became the new trend. Food and Beverage concepts have become one of the biggest industries around the world. While the supply and demand of dining options don’t seem to be going anywhere, restaurants have to remain competitive to keep their top of the menu status.

Creative dishes may be the bread and butter of the dining scene, yet it may not be enough to keep the momentum going. Restaurants have turned to innovation with a side dish of inspiration. They are catching the attention of new diners and expertly maintaining their following of guests. Themes and festive décor are not the only ideas on the table. With some imagination and technology, there is a new perception on the restaurant block.

Restaurant Table Tech

Many dining rooms have adopted modern table top devices. The interactive design is set up with a variety of tasks the guest can do from the table. The small computers are meant to quicken the dining process for the customers with conveniences including:

  • Ordering Appetizers
  • Requesting Beverages and Refills
  • Customizing Menu Choices
  • Opting for Desserts

With plenty of menu assistance, your meal will arrive in order and on time. For entertainment the whole family can enjoy, software is added with fun games. They are organized by age groups and have a wide variety to pass the time before your food arrives. You can expect to have access to:

  • Trivia (designed for all ages)
  • Mazes
  • Word Scrambles
  • Card Games

The dazzling little machines will bring you from start to finish by taking your payment and sending a receipt to your email. Touch screen surveys may be available to help the restaurant continue to offer good food and great service.

Tech to Go Dining

Another area that has evolved within restaurants is found in the availability of the menu. At one time if you wanted a dinner from your favorite restaurant it required a trip out with a plan to dine in. Online services allow restaurants to post their menus so the customer can order ahead of time. You can order ahead for later that evening or choose the earliest time it will be ready.

Curb side service is available at many restaurants. When your order is ready you can drive up and a member of the staff will greet you. If you did not pay online, they will process your ticket and bring the chosen menu items right to your door. Another option has been inspired by companies like Uber and Lyft. Restaurants are offering delivery services for customers who are not interested in venturing out.

Technically …

These two additions to the Restaurant repertoire are making a lasting impression. Busy days can leave you scrambling for dinner plans. Taking the opportunity to try a different way to dine will likely become the new favorite in your home.