Restaurants Are Adding Healthy to the Menu

Restaurants are a great place to meet and greet or simply grab a bite to eat. It is an industry that stays on top of the latest trends. Here lately, restaurants have been altering the way they serve up some of our favorite dishes. Chefs and Owners have adapted their menu selections to meet the demands of the up rise in lifestyle changes. We live in an informational era that has brought several awareness’s to the public eye. Some of these topics include the connection of our health and the foods we eat.

As a society, we dine out regularly, socially and necessarily. Work, families and a full schedule can make it hard to plan ahead entire menus. With health concerns on the rise, we have begun counting and calculating more often than we used to. Restaurants are a definitive part of the service industry and  have conformed to the changes for the convenience of their guests.

Healthy Additions

We have learned how effects from our daily ingredients could be causing more harm than good. Heavy oils and high levels of sodium have been linked to many ailments. Some  Restaurants have made the switch to healthier oils for their fried foods and offer low sodium options on their menus. Pre-plated selections have been customized with a healthier variety. They take care in the preparation and expertly steam fish and chicken for main entrees . This eliminates the need for butters and oils in the cooking process.

For the sides, we are seeing vegetables and rice becoming a staple where they were not available before. Gluten intolerances have become widespread making it difficult for patrons. Commercial kitchens have come up with an array of solutions. Meals are formulated with the exclusion of components that have Gluten in them. The same is seen for those who are unable to have certain sugars, spices and additives. Local restaurants are trying a more direct approach with a farm to table concept. They are supporting their neighbors in the community and serving healthier selections at the same time. In house specialties such as soups, sauces and toppers ensure proper balances are fresh and flavorful.

Fit and Healthy

The Food Industry has also jumped on the fitness trail. Menus are evolving to include more fresh fruits and vegetables. Low calorie plates are designed to take the guess work out of the equation. Juice drinks and beverages are making a splash with smoothies and freshly squeezed fruits. Low fat wraps, salads and dressings are made with all-star features that bring a tasty touch to your diet.  Snacks and desserts are included as they have sugar free choices that are just as delicious.

Restaurants have designed their menus with easy to find options. They will usually have a healthy icon next to the item or special foods will have their own section. You will have no need to search or special order your meals as they are all set for you to enjoy.