Healthier Options at the Biggest Fast Food Chains – Part 2

Burger King

In a similar fashion to McDonald’s, Burger King don’t feel the need to health up their menu too much. They too can afford not to I suppose, having become a huge chain across the globe. Nevertheless, they aren’t completely devoid of possibilities. Like many other companies they are currently in the process of trialling a vegan burger that could perhaps fill in this gap, until then here’s what you’re best picking.

Best Option – You get your best options here by removing the trimmings. A plain hamburger has in it only 240 calories and 10g of fat, 3.5g of this are saturated fats. The BK Veggie Burger is also an OK option with, this contain 390 calories, this time with 17g of fat, though only 2.5g of that are saturated fats which is better.

Taco Bell

When compared with the previous two options Taco Bell is far kinder to the gut. Again, like Subway, here you have more options when customising your order. You can switch out certain ingredients, adding perhaps more nutritious options, upping your veg amounts instead of fatty meat or creamy sauces. Taco Bell have made a real effort to tackle the extremely unhealthy image that comes with the industry, they even claim that almost three quarters of the items on their menu fall below the 500-calorie mark. For the healthiest options check out their ‘Fresco’ menu, here instead of their usual sauces and cheese the options come with their vegetable-based salsa.

Best Option – Again, their Fresco menu has most of their best options on it but perhaps your best bet here will be the Bean Burrito, this is a veggie option that contains a total of 11g of fat, 4g of saturated fats and 380 calories. Another choice worth noting are the Chicken Soft Tacos, a single taco contains roughly 170 calories with 8g of fat, that includes 3g of saturated fats too. Though Taco Bell has done well to reduce its calorie offerings it still has a long way to in reference to salt intake, make sure you check out those sodium levels before purchasing, some options can contain as much as half of your recommended daily intake.


Chick-fil-A seems to get more and more popular every year, renowned for its excellent service, its tasty chicken sandwiches and its delicious milkshakes. Taking a look at its menu won’t fill the healthy shopper with hope as their eyes stray over its buttered biscuits and Gallon beverages but it may actually surprise you to know that there in fact a few options available, their grilled options being amongst the best.

Best Option – A good choice here would be the simple Grilled Chicken Sandwich, it contains about 310 calories with only 6g of fat total, 2g of which are saturated fats. Grilled Chicken nuggets are also a good pick, a serving contains only 140 calories and 3.5g of fat, 1g being saturated fat. You’re also lucky enough to be able to pick something from the breakfast menu too, try a Greek Yogurt Parfait which contains 9g of fat, 4g of saturated fats and 250 calories.

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