Healthier Options at the Biggest Fast Food Chains – Part 1

Let’s be honest, when you hear the words “fast food” healthy isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, they’re notorious for being the opposite, often being blamed for the major weight gain and obesity that has become more common throughout western culture. If a business hopes to do well however, they will likely want to separate themselves from this image as quickly as a ‘Big Mac’ hits the hips. And many of them have been trying to do just that, offering a new range of healthier options perfect for the man (or woman) on the go. To be completely honest they aren’t perfect, many of the products are still very high in salt and probably won’t blow you away with their nutritious content but it is at least a step in the right direction and much more reasonable on the gut than what we’re used to in these establishments. We’re going to take a look at some of the biggest chains in the US and see what options there are on the menu that won’t bust your gut.


Subway has long been seen as one of the healthiest of fast food options, once building a campaign around maintaining a healthy diet based on their sandwiches. Whilst one a day is perhaps not the best idea Subway does have perhaps the most potential in offering a healthy addition to your daily intake. It prides itself on its customisable options and it’s thanks to this that you can tailor your sandwich in order to cut out and unhealthy additions and have only the best ingredients between your bread or better yet within your salad bowl.

Best Option – You’re in luck, there are a few good options for you here at Subway, you can check out their ‘Fresh Fit’ menu for all their choices but their healthiest are the Turkey Breast Sandwich and the Veggie Delite. When picking your bread go for the 9-grain wheat option, with the turkey breast filling the sandwich will contain around 250 calories with 3g of fat and 0.5g of saturated fats. The Veggie Delite option is better containing 200 calories, 2g of fat and no saturated fats at all. It also contains less sodium than any other sandwich on the menu which is certainly a bonus.


McDonald’s are an absolute powerhouse in the world of fast food, arguably being the face of the industry and certainly taking the lions share of the blame for its impact on people’s health. It’s disregard for the subject was also made very apparent in the documentary Supersize Me. Though it has made efforts to combat this, it’s surprising how little it has in the way of healthy options still, though there are perhaps better options, if not completely healthy.

Best Option – It’s slim pickings at McDonald’s I’m afraid. Your healthiest mains are perhaps the Fillet-O-Fish which contains a reasonable 390 calories with 19g of fat total, 4g of which are saturated fats or the Ranch Grilled Chicken Salad which contains 320 calories with 14g of fat, of which 6g are saturated fats.