Dining Styles Defined

When it comes to restaurants, there is a long list of menus and atmospheres you can choose from. Whether it is a dinner for two or a group, deciding the location can be an arduous task. The dynamics of dining have many pieces that become involved. The foods that are served, quality of ingredients, service style and pace are all weaved together in your quick evaluation. Each restaurant has their own individual attributes and Dining Styles. Depending on your neighborhood, you can find anything from a satisfying cheeseburger to  a well done Chateaubriand. This quick peek at restaurant styles will take the question out of the where and bring you right into ordering your lunch or dinner.

Fine Dining

The finer details are attained with a lavish touch. Usually you will be met with a Maître D’ who will escort you to a clothed table. You can expect several courses to start from the time you take your seat. The menu will comprise of elegant selections that are crafted with fresh ingredients. The time to dine takes a bit longer than other establishments as the customs and letter of etiquette are intricately followed. Wine and dessert menus are elaborate and presented before they are served.

Casual Dining

You will find casual dining restaurants are owned privately or chain orientated. The menu tends to be diverse to accommodate the tastes of the town. You can find varying atmospheres from trendy to family style themes. Casual settings are the center of the dining spectrum. They have an established and consistent menu that gains the appreciation of repeat guests. Host assisted seating and seat yourself signs are dependent on the policies of the venue. The menu is diverse with an appropriate amount of time to make each item. If you are catching a movie after dinner, you will most likely be out before the opening credits.


Grab your favorite booth and order anything from dinner to an omelet. The homestyle food is served fast and friendly which is helpful for those on the go. You can count on a cup of fresh coffee or hand mixed shakes to go with your meal. The environment is generally filled with chatter that accompany the lively surroundings. You can enjoy the special of the day with the time left over for a slice of pie for dessert.


Specialty themes are all the rage in the restaurant industry. Tributes to the fifties era can lead to dinner and a show right next door. Fun themes are festive for the whole family. You can find a range from Fine to Casual and Diner styles to visit. You will also find restaurants where the food serves as the theme. Ethnic traditions and palates are generously articulated  for a cultural experience.

Knowing the types of restaurants that are available makes deciding where to dine that much easier. As you arrive home with your leftovers, you will have a clean kitchen and be able to relax knowing dinner is crossed off of your to do list.