A Peek Behind the Restaurant Scene

Restaurants are known to have service with a smile. From a coffee house to elite dining rooms, you will find a gracious staff waiting to take your order. Unless you have worked in a restaurant, it is hard to know what happens behind the scenes. From the time you enter the door to signing yourRead More

The Design of Dining Courses

Have you ever wondered why the portions in Fine Dining restaurants seem to decrease as the price increases? If you answered yes, you are not alone. The customary menus at most restaurants are based on a main course and possibly a cup of soup or a salad. You have the choice to order an appetizerRead More

Restaurants Are Adding Healthy to the Menu

Restaurants are a great place to meet and greet or simply grab a bite to eat. It is an industry that stays on top of the latest trends. Here lately, restaurants have been altering the way they serve up some of our favorite dishes. Chefs and Owners have adapted their menu selections to meet theRead More

Dining Styles Defined

When it comes to restaurants, there is a long list of menus and atmospheres you can choose from. Whether it is a dinner for two or a group, deciding the location can be an arduous task. The dynamics of dining have many pieces that become involved. The foods that are served, quality of ingredients, serviceRead More

Ordering Dinner with Style

Eating at an unfamiliar restaurant is not always second nature. When you are in a social setting such as a date or with a group, you might feel the pressure as you open your menu. The last thing you want is to end up a one man band while trying to order. In some cases,Read More