Amazing Restaurant Themes to Explore

Dining out at home or on vacation gives you the opportunity to try new cuisines. Each corner of the world is known for their regional specialties and delicacies. Adding a theme to the menu creates an experience for diners that ranges from humorous to adventurous and everything in between. Aside from the festive setting, you can expect a menu to match the surroundings. Themed Restaurant owners strive to appeal to the masses. Gaining a top spot in a travel guide is a known goal denoting triumph and success. They are counting on locals and tourists to be excited, take several photos and ultimately enjoy their dining event. There are hundreds of themes worldwide you can explore. The following four concepts will inspire your search for the perfect Restaurant theme.

Ithaa Restaurant

Taking a journey to Rangali Island, Maldives will bring you to a dining room that is set sixteen feet under the ocean. The Restaurant offers a full 270 degree view of the ocean . As the pristine blue waters and oceanic life surround the room, you will enjoy a coursed meal that is elegantly presented. Seating is limited and reservations are highly recommended. The space can also be reserved for weddings or gatherings making this an experience worth the trip.

Jekyll and Hyde Club

If you are looking for a classic place to have dinner, the Jekyll and Hyde Club is your next stop. Nestled in New York, the Club is a step back in time with the enriching artifacts and décor. A delicious menu and genuine beer selection are bare only a hint to the eccentric theme. The restaurant is famed for their hauntings and theatrical interactions. Spooky and kooky characters come to life with a surprise for guests happening every ten minutes. If you scare easily, you may want to skip town before you have no where left to hide.

The Giraffe Manor

Kenya is the home to a diverse grouping of animals and wildlife. The Giraffe Manor hosts a number of endangered Rothschild Giraffes. With beautiful sceneries of trees that are paired with a gentle warm breeze, you will find the menu to be delightfully delectable. While eating in the morning time and evening twilight, you will have visitors that stop in to say hello. The Giraffes peek their heads in through the table side window in hopes of a treat and to meet the guests.

Tree Pod Dining

At the Soneva Kiri Resort in Thailand, you can find dining pods that are raised twenty feet in the air. Chic dining under a canopy of the trees offers a view of the rainforest, clear waters and brilliant sky. The inspiration for the pods was based on the nesting of birds and follows through with a unique design. From warm sunny days to candlelight by the moon, these dining pods will take your breath away.  From under the ocean to the tree tops, you will enjoy the intricate scene that is expertly set with finely crafted menus. Seating and availability may be seasonal at some destination dining venues. Reserve your seat and savor the splendor of your dining experience.