Top Vegan Eateries Worldwide

AtayaCaffe Location: Berlin, Germany AtayaCaffe is a somewhat unassuming café tucked away in one of Berlins side streets that is considered to be one of the best vegan eateries going. Its food is influenced by Sardinian and Senegalese influences with meals such as traditional Sardinian pasta, ravioli and spaghetti, curry Dakar, Hummus platters, smoothies, veganRead More

Menu Trends Around the World

If you are a novice foodie inspiring to be a dining connoisseur, you may plan a trip to travel the tastes around the compass. From the Northern icy regions to the Southern edges of the ocean, the foods you find will have their own flavorful flair. You will notice a trend within the menus thatRead More

Amazing Restaurant Themes to Explore

Dining out at home or on vacation gives you the opportunity to try new cuisines. Each corner of the world is known for their regional specialties and delicacies. Adding a theme to the menu creates an experience for diners that ranges from humorous to adventurous and everything in between. Aside from the festive setting, youRead More