The First Restaurant of the Future

Eating in a restaurant is rarely associated with an intense adrenaline rush. But that should change in the future. At least if the operators of the planned restaurant of the future in Germany will follow through with their plan. This already famous restauramt is going to be built in the Europa-Park in Rust in 2022.Read More

The Weirdest Restaurants Around the World

Is it possible to get a new eating experience and dine in a completely insane place? It turns out that there are many restaurants in the world that invite people to enjoy food in some crazy, unexpected, and unusual places. Underwater, in the sky, in prison or even in the toilet – you name it!Read More

2019s Hottest Food Trends

Vegan and Meat Free It can’t be denied that one of the biggest trends to take over restaurants in 2019 is the meat-free movement. Veganism has spiked exponentially over the past few years and as a result we can see all sorts of different places catering for them. You know change has taken place whenRead More

The Best Vegan Fast Food Options

As a vegan, you’ll likely find that finding things to eat at home is nowhere near as hard as the world’s omnivores would believe, there are plenty of recipes for you to work with, both complicated and simple, just like any other diet. The struggle really happens when you’re trying to eat out, and thoughRead More

Healthier Options at the Biggest Fast Food Chains – Part 3

Chipotle A Mexican-style chain specialising in burritos and tacos, Chipotle is another of the better choices when it comes to low calorie, healthier options in the world of fast food cuisine. Much like Subway and Taco Bell, Chipotle offers customisation within your choices, allowing you to create a healthier choice that better suits your needs.Read More

Healthier Options at the Biggest Fast Food Chains – Part 2

Burger King In a similar fashion to McDonald’s, Burger King don’t feel the need to health up their menu too much. They too can afford not to I suppose, having become a huge chain across the globe. Nevertheless, they aren’t completely devoid of possibilities. Like many other companies they are currently in the process ofRead More

Healthier Options at the Biggest Fast Food Chains – Part 1

Let’s be honest, when you hear the words “fast food” healthy isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, they’re notorious for being the opposite, often being blamed for the major weight gain and obesity that has become more common throughout western culture. If a business hopes to do well however, they willRead More

Three Celebrity Restaurants You’ll Want to Visit

Gathering a following in the food business is essential to the success of a venue. Statistics show a chain or franchise gain a customer base quicker than independently owned dining rooms. When a consumer is familiar and comfortable with a brand, they know what to expect and rely on the consistency associated with the name.Read More

The Restaurant Rules of Plating and Presentation

The Restaurant industry has a byline of quality and Plating presentation for their foundation. These are key ingredients in creating a successful Restaurant. Quality of foods go hand in hand with the taste that keeps customers coming back. As a competitive industry, Chefs use visual cues to accompany their creations for exceptional results. There areRead More

Getting Ahead of The Restaurant Rush

Busy days can lead to an impromptu plan for dinner. When your tired and hungry, the last thing you want to do is endure a lengthy waiting list for a table. It may seem hit or miss aside from the obvious Friday night traffic. Restaurant schedules and orders are projected in advance based on theRead More